Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Restaurant Bucket List.

As promised...

I have never really been too keen on making bucket lists or New Years resolutions but I think times are a changing. I guess this is my way of keeping myself accountable. I compiled a list of restaurants in the twin cities that I want to try. I think it will be easier to actually go to them if I have them written down as a reminder. Once I go to the restaurant I will write a blog post on whether I enjoyed/ recommend it. PLEASE comment with restaurants that you think I should add to the list if you know of any good ones, I am always looking for ideas! Also, if you have been to one of these places and don't think its worth it, let me know, remember i'm on a budget

 Obviously, I am not a restaurant critic, nor am I professionally trained, all of the posts are my own opinion. 

Restaurant Bucket List

What do you suggest? 
Have you tried some of these? What did you think?