Friday, October 26, 2012

Zen Box Izakaya.

Japanese Pub and Kitchen.

Remember my tapas post? The theme of Zen Box is Japanese tapas, at least that's how the menu described it. The atmosphere was great, attracting people of all ages. I actually had the pre-notion that it was a sushi restaurant and it was not at all. There were a few sushi options on the menu but it was much more diverse. My stomach hasn't been feeling the greatest the past few days so we decided to stick with some safe options off the menu. Fast service combined with great tasting food gets two thumbs up from me! The only negative... shot glass size water glasses, they had to come back with the pitcher so many times. Zen Box Izakaya is located downtown over by the Metrodome so have no fear about parking, we snagged a spot right in front. Prices were pretty average but it seemed as if the bento box lunch special would be the right choice next time.

These high tops were all full by the time we left. Random fact about me: I HATE sitting at high top tables. Standing tall at 5 feet 2 inches, I still cant reach the foot rest.  

We snacked on these while looking at the menu- I have no idea what they are but they tasted like dried noodles.
We both started with a bowl of miso soup. 

I forgot to take a picture until we were almost done but above was the seaweed salad. Damian and I love seaweed salad but this version was a bit fishier then we usually enjoy.

These are chicken dumplings- the sauce was really good and the dumplings tasted similar to egg rolls.

Finally, we ordered a large chicken teriyaki, I told you we ordered simple. I honestly haven't had teriyaki in a very long time so it was refreshingly good. 

Being not aware that there Ramen soup was famous, if i were to go again I would try the Ramen soup and the tuna poke. I also think this would be a great place to bring a few friends and try a bunch of different things. At least I can now cross this one off my restaurant bucket list