My Philosophy

My Cooking Philosophy

My philosophy of cooking is simple, just like most of my recipes. My mission is to keep it real, healthy, and delicious. Easy healthy meals are a snap when you cook simple with fresh ingredients. We all have busy lifestyles and sometimes cooking is not the number one priority. I want to help provide fast, fresh, and simple recipes and meal plans that anyone can tackle. When I created this blog, I struggled because I didn't believe I had a focus. Many of my fellow bloggers take a health stand such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo. As of right now I have no dietary restrictions and food sits well in body. Therefore, I believe that food and healthy eating should be about enjoying everything in a balanced way. Food should not be our enemy, instead have a rightful place within our diet plans. Being a recent college graduate, I'm on a budget, similar to most people I know. Cooking is always cheaper then buying processed food and can provide a better variety. 

I will continue to search for my own path of healthy living through unprofessional writing skills and continually improving photography. I'm still searching for my own style when it comes to cooking, and I'm sure I will go through phases of ingredients, but through it all, I stick to this belief: Simple cooking and fresh ingredients to help create a balanced diet. 

I hope you follow me in my journey to find a voice through cooking. I invite you to try the recipes, visit the restaurants, and if you would like, leave constructive feedback in the comments of this blog.