Friday, October 5, 2012

Quang's Vietnamese.

Are you getting sick of seeing Vietnamese soup? 

As you probably have noticed Damian and I LOVE Vietnamese soup. We realized we hadn't had any in a long time so I did a little research on restaurants in our area. It feels as if there will never be enough time to visit all of the restaurants in uptown that I want to try. I'm on a budget, remember? Maybe I will make a checklist and share it with all of you. A restaurant bucket list. Yep alright i'm doing it. 

One of my favorite things about Vietnamese food is the affordability of it. There is nothing like going out to eat for under $10! I'm done blabbering, I promise. I wanted to share this restaurant with you, Quang Restaurant, because the food was amazing and the prices are phenomenal. They may or may not have also won "best Vietnamese food in the twin cities" a few times... 

We started with the spring rolls... (they were only 3.50 for 4 pieces!)

I ordered the Pho Tai- fresh sliced beef noodle soup

Damian ordered the Bun Ca Kieng Giang- "famous sea bass and shrimp noodle soup"

The food was absolutely amazing! The sea bass in Damian's soup was like butter, cooked to perfection. I will warn you-- this particular Bun is so special it is only available on the weekends. We sipped on some bubble tea's while we waited for our food and also noticed that they deliver. We all know where I will be ordering from now on!