Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Falafel King.

First restaurant to cross off on my bucket list!

Remember my Restaurant Bucket List? I haven't really set any time deadlines on trying these places but I think once a week might be do-able. Falafel King is located in uptown, Minneapolis,  within walking distance from our apartment. On Sunday morning we decided to try it out for some breakfast/lunch. We were the first ones in the door at almost exactly 11 am and were ready for some good food! I checked out there website before hand to look at the menu and scope out what to order. I came across a cool story about how the restaurant started.
"Once upon a time, a child was born in Jerusalem to a family of 13. At the age of 6, his father passed away. His mother no longer could afford to feed him so she placed him in orphanage school . He studied at orphanage school until the 6th grade. After 6th grade his mother could not afford to feed him nor continue his education. He had a wonderful idea and bought a frying pan, gasoline burner and set up a stand in front of the boarding school. Falafels was his specialty and soon he became known as the FALAFEL KING."
The food was really great, but to be honest I am a Shish girl at heart. Damian really enjoyed his gyro and I think the pita bread lives up to it's "best pita bread in Minneapolis" title. I was not a huge fan of the hummus, which is a BIG deal for me, I am 50% Lebanese and grew up on the real stuff.  I would say the overall pro to this restaurant is there convenient location and great hours, late night food until 2 am on the weekends!

Damian's Gyro with a side of french fries.

SOURCE of above photo

I ordered the maza mix- hummus, falafel, tabouli salad, and baba ganouje (eggplant), all served with tahini sauce. 

The pita was really great! I think I would try a gyro next time.