Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve.

Tis the season.

I wanted to share my xmas with you all so I made sure to take lots of photos. I actually did not take many pictures of the food on Christmas eve so I am sharing pictures of Christmas eve eve, also known as Christmas adam. <---- That's actually a real thing. There are a lot of photos so I broke this post up into two so I wouldn't bore you too much.

My brother and I both arrived home on Sunday and my mom made a beautiful meal for us. I don't make a lot of lebanese food so its a pleasure to have it at home. She served cabbage rolls, hummus, and taboli salad. It was all delicious. 

Lots of Christmas decorations throughout the house!

On Christmas eve we celebrate at my Uncle Wayne's house. He lives ten minutes from us and has a beautiful view of Lake Onalaska. Between preparing food and getting the house ready for guests we played a few rounds of darts. He whipped both Jarrod and I's butts a few too many times. 

Everyone had a great time opening presents, eating delicious food, and having quality family time. I also was pretty close at winning a dart game :). 

Part 2 to come tomorrow.