Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blue Door Pub.

Greasy, Unhealthy, delicious food. 

How have I never featured The Blue Door Pub on my blog yet? Since moving to Minneapolis we haven't made it over to the blue door in a while. Frequented by St. Thomas students, this bar and restaurant is sure to knock your socks off on nearly every visit. The long wait and close quarters are worth the delicious burger and cajun fries or tots waiting for you at the end. Each burger is crafted with clever ingredients and stuffed with cheese between two patties. I don't want to forget about the Latin kisses, which I have been known to order as an entire meal. Remember my jalapeno popper post? That was my attempt to recreate The BDP's famous Latin kisses. If you are brave enough, you can tackle the blue door challenge. Rules below: 
THE CHALLENGE: Try one of each kind of Blucy.THE RULES: Always carry your punch card with you. And stay true to the items listed. The order in which you complete the Blucys is irrelevant. Remind your server to punch your card!THE TROPHY: The winner t-shirt. A custom made limited time winner t-shirt.THE GLORY: We will treat you to your 11th burger and then we hope you start the madness all over again!

We started off with an order of Latin kisses: jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in glorious bacon and dusted with our own Karma.

 I ordered a build your own (actually my first time not ordering one off there menu): burger, pepper jack cheese, grilled onions, pickles, garlic aioli, and peanut butter. 

 Damian ordered the Burger of the Moment: Two hand sculpted beef patties encase creamy Bleu Cheese and zesty Horseradish. We then slather the bun with a horseradish sauce put the patty to rest on a bed of crispy onion strings and serve it with a side of au jus.

After we came home from dinner, I turned on the tv, looked up and noticed our ceiling was leaking! The radiator from the unit above us had a small leak and was starting to creep down our walls and ceiling. Luckily with some great help we were able to fix it and with a little paint we will be back to normal! 

Hope you had a great start to your week!