Saturday, September 29, 2012

Somersby Cider Launch Party.

Thanks Kitty for the idea to attend this event!

On Thursday night I went out with a few friends to the Somersby Cider Launch Party at CRAVE Restaurant in downtown, Minneapolis. It was on the rooftop, which was pretty cool in itself! The night included a DJ, live music by Wiping Out Thousands, and art by Rudy Fig. Please don't ask who any of those people are, I really have no idea. Why did we go? FREE DRINKS and fun apps! Upon arrival each person received two drink tickets for free cider and there were lots of delicious appetizers to try. Damian was able to snag four tickets, if your wondering the answer is yes I will let my boyfriend flirt with strange men for hard apple cider, so we enjoyed the beautiful night with an extra drink each. This stuff is good, so good I wish I were being paid to say that. My first reaction was that it tastes similar to an apple juice, yum! If your not a huge fan of hard ciders, I suggest trying this one, it does not have that tangy flavors that the others do. The boys were not as crazy about it and would have probably preferred gin but it ended up being a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from the event. 

When I went to find extra photos from their website I came across these two of Kitty and Grundy, your famous!

Source for the top 5 photos: HERE