Monday, September 17, 2012

Damian's Birthday Weekend.

Get ready for lots of photos! 

So this past weekend we celebrated Damian's birthday (his actual birthday is today). We had a ton of fun doing about a billion different things! 

On Friday night we headed over to Seven Sushi Bar and the Twins game for a St. Thomas alumni event. We got to see a few faces, including my favorite development officer Kristen (who is also my landlord!), as well as some old connections we had made over the years. Although the game was not that great, it was a relaxing way to start the weekend. We headed to uptown after the game to begin birthday festivities with a few friends who couldn't make the official party on Saturday night. 

We woke up bright and early (for a Saturday) and Damian started to unveil the clues I created for his day of fun. Damian loves surprises so he didn't actually know anything we were doing until that day! 

After a little breakfast we headed to our first stop: Summit Brewery Tour. This place was awesome and the free beer at the end was good too :) I will warn others who go: If you go to the 10am tour, make sure you have enough to eat before hand! I was practically drunk after my three taste tester beers!

Next up was mini golfing at Centennial Lakes Park in Edina. This park was beautiful and not at all what I was expecting! Its in the middle of the Southdale mall area, yet tucked back far enough that you feel like your not in the city. 18 holes later and we were ready for a little rest! 

After a short nap and some showers we ate dinner at Burger Jones in uptown (this was Damian's choice). There food was amazing! Damian ordered the special of the day- The caprese burger and I had a regular burger but added goat cheese, lettuce, and caramelized onions. One of the best parts was the chipotle aoili sauce that came with the fries! We downed these burgers with some bloody mary's and probably could have taken a nap after dinner! Unfortunetly, I did not get many photos, we were starved, but I snagged one of the half burger that I took home. 

My last surprise were tickets to the comedy club at MOA for a special guest, Joey Coco Diaz. He is famous for his podcasts and appearances in The Longest Yard, My Name is Earl, and Taxi. He was quite vulgar but pretty darn funny! 

Finally, we ended the night by meeting some friends for drinks and dancing downtown! It was so nice that so many people were able to come and celebrate the big 2-3. 

This describes our relationship so well...

Check out how short I am... 

This is such an embarrassing photo of me but I sacrificed that because it is a priceless photo of Dan.

I also wanted to share this amazing Italian Sausage I had when we went to the farmer's market on Sunday. It was loaded with peppers, onion, and sauerkraut. Just thinking about it makes me want another one!

Hope you had a great weekend! Stay tuned for three new recipes this week!