Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pizza Luce.

Pizza Luce

I can't believe I have not mentioned this place before. I'm guessing many of you have probably eaten Pizza Luce before but I thought I would mention there food since it is so good! I lived about 2 miles from one of there locations throughout college but that's far compared to my new location. I am one block from the uptown Pizza Luce which probably is a bad thing for my wallet. 

Wally came over so we ordered some pizza and bruschetta while watching some of my favorite movies, The Sex and the City Movie and Bridesmaids. It was such a good time catching up and eating awesome food! I ordered just plain old pepperoni because I will admit there prices are not great for a budget.  The pepperoni was good but there specialty pizzas are the best! They also offer gluten-free options if needed. Sorry in advance for my pictures... I tried to snap quick because we were starved (photo source for some: Pizza Luce website)!

On the menu for tonight: Carnitas tacos with a mango pineapple salsa! Recipe to come...