Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Frozen Banana Pops (On A Stick).

Hump day.

Wednesdays are bitter sweet. Halfway done yet halfway to go. This week has been one of those that you are counting the minutes until the weekend. Work has been nuts because of tax season so I have been exhausted when I get home from the gym. I should share the workout I did yesterday, it kicked my butt and was extremely motivating. Posting that may have to be a weekend activity. This recipe is part of my Chobani Yogurt Series. Don't those things look yummy? These banana pops are a great snack and would be even better when it gets warm out. Oh warm weather, where are you? Here in Minnesota we have a solid month of winter left. It starts to warm up in April. Ughh, a long way to go.

I can't leave this post without giving a huge thank you out to Neil! He helped me take these photos and gave me a few pointers. I haven't had a nice camera in a while so I have forgotten a thing or two. Another reason I can't wait for the warm weather... taking more photos.

Frozen Banana Pops (On A Stick)

What you need:
- 2 bananas, peeled and frozen
- 1/2 cup Chobani greek yogurt
- 1 cup granola of choice
- 2 Tablespoons sweetened coconut
- 4 popsicle sticks or bamboo sticks (optional)

Slice frozen bananas in half. Coat in yogurt and top with granola and coconut. Place sticks in and eat.