Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stir Fry Night.

Good friends and good times. 

This post actually comes a little late. Last Saturday night Caitlin and Neil hosted a stir fry night at there house and we all brought something to help. Damian and I brought chicken breasts and they had the whole meal all planned out. They even tested the theory a few days prior to make sure they would have enough food, how prepared is that?! It was absolutely delicious and reminded me of Khan's Mongolian BBQ or Kona Grill (restaurants where you choose your food and they cook it). We started with bowls and filled them with all of the ingredients we desired. Then we went to the stove area and they cooked it with our choice of sauces/flavors. Everything came out amazing and they even made a batch of homemade fortune cookies. It was such a huge success. 

Chef's Caitlin and Neil preparing the ingredients.

So many delicious options!

Garlic... yummm!

Neil was a bit caught off guard while doing some dishes.

They also made a fruity champagne punch with fresh oranges. 

Are these not amazing? They personalized the fortunes with funny inside jokes. 

It was also Courtney's birthday so we had a little cake celebration at the end. 

It was a great night with friends :)