Thursday, January 3, 2013

RR: Lyndale Taphouse.

Restaurant Review

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but the last week as been pretty crazy. I wrapped up my position at Coridian and had my first day at UBS, oh how you've missed so much. I will do a little recap of this week later on when I get a few more minutes. For now lets talk about breakfast. The morning before I left for Christmas Damian and I headed out to have some food. I don't think we were expecting what we recieved. When my brother was in town, we actually tried to go to the Lyndale Taphouse, but they were slammed with the football crowd and I sure am happy we tried again. Their weekend breakfast includes a full menu where each item is $8.95 and a free mimosa is included. I am always disappointed when Damian and I want the same thing because I love to try everything but it was too difficult to pass up. Don't worry, we will be going back soon to try other options. Everything at the taphouse is made from scratch, I love that concept, and the environment is relaxed and welcoming. 

We both ordered the tap house benedict but it was a tough decision. I want to try the hard cider french toast and the scottish breakfast in the future.

I chose the classic ham style and hash browns.

Damian ordered the benedict with the smoked salmon and home fries. 

I am not the biggest fan of smoked salmon so I am biased on which I thought was better. I will definitely be trying this place again soon!